How to Be an Effective Anti-Mormon

It is with great fanfare, or at least the greatest fanfare I can be called upon to muster for such a thing, that I announce a new section of this website, where I will dole out tips for anti-Mormons.

You see, there are people out there in the world who are quite motivated to work against the LDS Church. These people come from all sorts of backgrounds and are motivated by different things. Some were raised in the LDS Church, some were converts later in life, some have never been members of the LDS Church. Some are angry and bitter, others are cruel, but many are sincere. Some are highly intellectual while others are apparently incapable of even rudimentary logic. Regardless, it has been interesting for me that as I have had discussions with more and more people who are motivated to work against the LDS Church, certain patterns have become quite noticeable, and I’m afraid that many anti-Mormons are simply spinning their wheels, unaware of the futility of their actions. Therefore, I present this section of the website as a guide to anti-Mormons on how to be more effective in their work, or at least less ineffective. That is, this section will perhaps focus more on what not to do as an anti-Mormon, as opposed to what an anti-Mormon can do to be more effective.



  1. Joshua,

    I don't believe a person can be an "anti-Mormon." I believe a person can be an anti-Mormonist. Most of these people are not angry with one specific Mormon, they are angry with Mormonism and/or strongly disagree with its negative affects on society. Anti-Mormonism and anti-Mormonist more clearly define the opposition to this religion than to personalize it against Mormons, which is unfair to them and to those with disagree with Mormonism, not Mormons.

  2. I would hope, one day, that this term be changed. I have many Mormon friends and family, but I am not an anti-Mormon. But I do believe in anti-Mormonism- it is not their fault this religion has asked of them to live up to outrageous, illogical, and ultimately damaging forms of worship, just because they're trying to be good people.

  3. To Anthony: I admit I don't know you, and I could be wrong about you. But I have never met someone who was against the church who tried to lead me to the light in a loving way. It has all been by tearing down. It proves something to me: that it is impossible to fight light with light. It just doesn't work. So the only way that these people can find to oppose the church is negative energy. If the Church were not true, people would be able to find something better than it, and would be able to lead people to the light by positive affirmation of a truth better than Mormonism, rather than by lines of attack laced with contempt for the honest feelings of Mormons. Again, I don't know you personally, but this has been my experience, as a missionary for 2 years and in the rest of my life.

  4. My goal is not to persuade the mormons I know and love of anything. Even though we may not agree with each other, we don't let this get in the way of our loving each other. I certainly do not, nor is it my intention. There is no 'fighting light with light' in my circumstance, and that of many others.

    And as a former LDS missionary for two years, this too, has been my experience.

  5. I appreciate this post very much! I love church history, theology, scripture, etc…and have also seen that anti-mormonists (I do like that term Anthony) don't offer me any light–granted, I read some of their offerings in order to help answer questions others may have. They just try to tear down certain aspects of what I believe (and sometimes what they THINK I believe) without giving me any actual explanations for all of the good and positive things. It is sad to watch people flounder when they run into something they have never heard before that makes them feel "deceived" and give up everything good they have known for something else.

  6. DO you know when the Sabbath day begins and ends?

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