What Political Party Should a Good Mormon Belong To?

Ha, it’s a trick question because there are no good Mormons, they’re just a bunch of anti-Christ-Joseph-Smith-worshipping-cult-polygamist-freakazoids! Ok, now that I’ve said it, nobody needs to plug up the comments section with irrelevant rants.

Today Mormons in the United States are overwhelmingly Republican. It’s not unusual to get into a political discussion with a group of Mormons and hear someone say “I just don’t understand how someone can be a good Mormon and be a Democrat.” This is due primarily to the contrasting views of the Republican and Democratic parties on abortion, sexual matters, the family, and limited government. Conservative Mormon Republicans often see liberal Democrats as sex-crazed maniacs who want to do whatever feels good and ignore the consequences, or blame the consequences on conservatives and pay for them with somebody else’s money. In other words, there is quite a bit of alignment politically between conservative Republican Mormons and conservative Republican evangelicals.

But do the beliefs, actions, or results, of either major political party truly match up with Mormon doctrine and culture? That’s the question that has arisen in my mind as I’ve been reading Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics by Connor Boyack. Boyack posits that Mormon doctrine matches up mostly closely with libertarian thought, not to be confused with the Libertarian Party. That is, Boyack promotes the idea that persuasion is better means of improving society than force, and uses extensive quotes from LDS Church leaders as well as scripture to back up his assertions. In doing so, he presents a compelling case for Mormons to have no great loyalty to either the Democratic or Republican parties, but to first and foremost be an advocate of liberty.

The book is well-written, interesting, and educational. And having sold out its first print run within days of its release it seems to be striking a chord. And not only with Mormons, as Boyack’s interview on the Judge Napolitano show on FOX attests.

If you’re a Mormon and politically inclined, this book is a must-read, regardless of your party affiliation. If you’re read it, I’d love to know what you thought of it.


  1. On the strength of Jesus' teaching in the Good Samaritan and the Judgement scene in Matthew 25:31-46, I am a right sound socialist. My faith informs my political; philosophy. And, I am a Mormon.

    • Hi Ronnie, I'd be interested to know what your definition of socialism is. I suspect your definition may differ from mine.

  2. As a Mormon, I actually identify myself as a democrat, and in the state of Nevada, this is not uncommon as Harry Reid is also Mormon. Of course, I'm more of a moderate democrat than most, but if I were republican, I would also be moderate.

    I do know that many Mormons are republicans, more than democrats, but in the end, the LDS church does not endorse any political party.

  3. I'm interested in reading this book. I've heard great things about it from people I respect. One thing I need to point out, however, is that only in United States are most Mormons Conservatives. Since it's a global church and most Mormons reside outside of United States, at this point I would guess that most Mormons are socialists.

  4. Mr Christian – it wold indeed be a wise and learned man that could judicially anticipate which political party most Mormons belong to. There is no machinery in the Church that determines the political leanings of its members. Therefore, unless someone were to do a massive scientific study among Latter-day Saints we must rest with our unsupported opinions.

    I'd like to believe they are, but after a membership spanning more than 60 years I have yet to form any conclusion on the subject. For most Mormons, politics is a side issue, although some [some of my family members, fore example] are solidly Republican/Conservative.

    As a Christian, I could never be of their number.

  5. mormans want mitt romney to bring polygamy back so they can get to the celestial kingdom..joe smith taught the true church that they are not living now..kepublican romney will fix that..just follow the profit..the thinking has been done for you just pay your tithing,,go to church

  6. Forgive my son Fredrico he is a fool. Sorry peeps.

  7. hay my pappa is to tight to have more wieves,,but he wont get to the celestual kingdom..he will be shoveling coal by his self and brigham young

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