Will All Mormons Vote for Romney?

Mormons are predominantly Republican, and Mitt Romney is a Republican presidential candidate as well as a Mormon, so you might wonder if this will give Romney a boost in the primaries as well as the general election. Oh yeah, there is that other Mormon who’s running, Huntsman, but I think Stephen Colbert has already effectively addressed that matter.

Now, the Florida election results in 2000 should be enough to tell us that small groups of voters can make a difference. Even though Mormons make up a relatively small percentage of voters in the US, if it comes down to a few hundred, thousand, or even hundred thousand votes, then yes, Romney’s Mormonism could make a difference.

But Romney’s problem is that there are some Mormons who don’t quite feel comfortable with him. Mormons tend to be quite conservative, and Romney’s past positions on abortion and gay marriage as well as his apparent propensity to change his mind depending on what will benefit his political career have made some Mormons a bit cautious, if not downright disenchanted.

It’s my opinion that if it comes down to it, Romney will get an overwhelming percentage of the Mormon vote. I, for one, will not vote for Romney no matter what. If the election were Romney vs. Obama and my vote was going to decide the matter, I still wouldn’t vote for Romney, although I wouldn’t vote for Obama either. I see little difference between Romney and Obama (or for that matter Bush, Perry, Bachman, Cain, etc.). I believe in liberty, which means a very limited state, if any, and as near as I can tell all these politicians see government as the solution, rather than the problem, even if their rhetoric is in favor of small government. So I’ll be voting for Ron Paul, or perhaps some other liberty-minded candidate, but certainly not Romney or Huntsman, despite our shared Mormon faith.


  1. Ha nagyobb felületre kened fel, ami nem egyenletes (pl orr), akkor szerintem csak elszakad, ha hirtelen próbálod lerántani. ElÅ‘ször elég lassan húztam le, de nekem nem fájt. Ezt azért is írtam bele a postba, mert több helyen olvastam én is h fájdalmas az el;osvolítá¡&#8230tbiztÃs ez egyénenként is más, de azért fájni nem fáj.Másodszor a 2 kisebb darabot gyorsan húztam le, mert ott nem kellett tartani a szakadástól…az eredmény is jobb lett, de ezt én annak tudom be, hogy már másodszor tisztítottam vele ugyan azt a területet.

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