Do Mormons hate Huckabee?

Good heavens no. Just because Romney is a Mormon and Huckabee used Romney’s religion as a wedge to draw votes away from Romney which resulted in both Huckabee and Romney losing the primaries and McCain winning? No, I don’t think too many Mormons hate Huckabee. I don’t. I think he’s a classic politician who’s willing to use whatever weapons he has at his disposal to win, and I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with that as long as it’s legal. It’s certainly not the way I would run a campaign, though.

Is he a religious bigot? I don’t know. Is he ignorant? I don’t know. I know he made statements which, if they are sincere, would certainly seem to indicate that he’s a bigot and ignorant. But my hunch is that he’s neither a bigot nor ignorant, but just a typical politician. He thought he could win if he took out Romney, and he thought he could take out Romney by turning evangelicals against him by bringing up Romney’s religion. The press, who saw Romney as the best contender for President were only too happy to help, and so everything worked according to plan, except that Huckabee couldn’t get many votes with anybody except a subset of evangelicals, and that wasn’t enough to win in the primaries.

Could I ever vote for Huckabee? Mmmm, maybe, if he were the best candidate available. But I somehow doubt I’ll ever feel that he is. I would have voted for Thompson, Giuliani, Brownback, Romney, and probably even McCain before Huckabee. Heck, I’d vote for Palin for President before I’d vote for Huckabee. But I do think he’s a great public speaker and I think he has some good ideas. I just don’t see him as being presidential material.

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