Man > God > Man and Infinity

Q: Here is a diffferent type of argument that i would like to see what your response would be.

A: Regarding infinity, our church doesn’t teach what is said in that article, that is, the church doesn’t say anywhere I’ve read that there’s an infinite trail of man > God > man > God, etc.. We do believe that we are children of God and that our ultimate destiny is to become like him, and we do believe that God was once a man like we are and went through the same things we currently go through. But I have no clue how it all began. I’m not sure anyone on this planet knows. I’m sure we’ll find out after we die and that it will be interesting, though.


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  2. I'd like to point out, as a non-religious man, that claiming that that was a logical "proof" of the falsehood of mormonism is completely absurd and unscientific. People throw the word "proof" around far too easily. Finding a way in which it COULD not be true is not proof, because there are also ways it COULD be true, EVEN IF IT'S LOGICALLY LESS LIKELY AND UNINTUITIVE. The universe doesn't care what is intuitive to you or me. There are countless ways for there to be an infinite regression with a limit being the "beginning of time", or even a non-linear timeline. Eastern philosophy has had many ideas about this for centuries. (I personally do not believe there was a "beginning of time". THAT defies logic to me.) Looking at Gods in this light make more sense in terms of entropy as well. Spiritual entropy. Crazy idea…

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