What would you like God to be like?

For the sake of this post, forget everything you already know about God. All your preconceptions, everything that comes to mind automatically, everything you’ve been taught, etc. If Bible passages or creeds come to mind, ignore them for this brief moment, just for fun, and tell me what you would want God to be like? If God could be whoever you wanted him to be, who would you make him and why?

I’ll start us off:

1. Perfect. Because if he weren’t perfect, then how could I trust anything about him at all?

2. Omnipotent. If he’s not able to do everything, then how do I know if he can do anything he says he can do?

3. Omniscient. If he didn’t know everything, then who knows what he might not know? Again, I couldn’t trust him, because while he could promise me something, how could I know for sure whether he can keep his promises? Maybe there’s something he doesn’t know that would get in the way?

4. Loving. If he didn’t love me 100%, how could I be confident that he would act in my best interests? He might be nice to me one day, and ignore me the next, and why would I want to dedicate myself to a being like that?


  1. I think the main things are that I would want him to be loving and forgiving. He is, after all, our Father.

  2. 1. Present

    2. Visible

    3. Not such an evil pr1€|<.

  3. Why would you want your god to be present and visible, by which I assume you mean that the proof of the existence of such a god would be easily verifiable?

  4. Honestly we (mankind) could use an actual, real deity to guide us in the right direction. We're doing a pretty lousy job of taking care of ourselves. I mean a being that is actually here doing things, like scorching earth and forcing people to work together towards more lofty goals than say, profit margins and such.

  5. Is it safe to say you'd like a god who would not allow things like war, child abuse, murder, etc., and guarantee world peace, good works from one man to another, etc.?

  6. It is impossible for me to discard, not even for one moment, what I presently know of God who has kindly revealed Himself to me in many ways. If I forget Him, I will be the worse for it – even for a moment. I could not do as you suggest even for fun. My God is not one I can play such games with. We may play like this with one another, but I could never treat my Father whose throne is Heaven and whose footstool is earth, in this manner. If I had no conscious knowledge of God, then I may be tempted to enter in to this charade.

  7. @ian – The purpose of this experiment is to come to know God better. None of us has a complete understanding of who God is. The Bible gives us a very limited picture, as evidenced by the many disagreements among those who believe in the book as to what God is like. God gave us our imagination and our freedom, in part, so that we could come to know him better. To not engage in this exercise could be viewed as a refusal to use the gifts God gave us.

  8. Quite poignant and ironic,

    Ignoring scriptures description of the Lord, in favor of who and what we want him to be is exactly what Joe Smith did when he made up mormonism.

    You also describe him as being perfect, while at the same time rejecting the father in favor of your own ideas of his nature. Furthermore, knowing God better is to submit to his will and follow him, to include allowing and accepting who god says he is. After all, as you pointed out, our myopic views could never do justice to such an awesome ifinatly nuanced and dynamic being.

  9. The Scriptures tell us very plainly who God is. From Adam to the last of the New Testament writers, we have an increasing revelation of who God is. Not according to what each writer thought. But by direct revelation from God Himself. God in past dispensations spoke to us by His prophets – LONG BEFORE JOSEPH SMITH AND ENTOURAGE. But now He has spoken to us through His Son whom god appointed heir of all, and through whom He indeed made the ages (cosmos, time, space, matter, etc) Heb. 1:1,2)

    Paul by the Holy Spirit tells us very plainly that the natural man cannot understand nor know the things of God for they are foolishness to him and they are spiritually discerned (1 Cor. 2:14).

    Getting to know God cannot be achieved by experimental exercises in our imaginations as you suggest Joshua. Would you go to a nuclear power station and try to get to know it better by your own imagination and freedom? You wouldn't get near one to start with. There are protocols one must follow – very strict ones to boot. God is far greater than all the nuclear power in the whole of creation let alone in one nuclear power station.

    Would you go to the Prime Minister or President of a country and experiment with your imagination and freeedom to get to know them? There are protocols one must strictly adhere to. It just wouldn't work.

    If perchance I wanted to get to know your current President/Prophet of the SDA movement, do you think I could eperiment with my imagination and freedom to achieve my goal? I hardly think so Joshua.

    If you really want to get to know God – just keep in mind that He has set protocols in place for us to do so.

    Protocol – code of behaviour, procedure.

    One protocol is found in Jeremiah 29:13. Another is found in John 14:6. Another is found in Isaiah 55:6. Another is James 4:6. And there are some others too, such as Psalm 66:18. These all weld into each other, and are in agreement with and complimentary to each other.

    But there is nothing in Scripture to support your idea Joshua that by imagination and freedom you can get to know God better. This is not to say that imagination as an integral part of humanity is to be discarded in pursuance of this holy venture. Neither is our freedom discarded. But these things must be subservient to other priorities.

    In fact God has some scathing words about man's imagination – and it is not pleasant at all. If you want to trust in your imagination to get to know God batter, you will never achieve your desire. Although we can come to God anytime, any day and at any place while we live on this earth, He has set the agenda, the procedure and behaviour by which we must come. It is His call

    It is one thing to know about God. It is something else to KNOW Him.

  10. A late addition. I don't want God to be any different than who He is. I love Him as He is. But He wants me to be different to what I am now. And as I seek Him daily and submit to His will and power, he will change me more and more to be like His Son Jesus in intent, motive and conduct. This is my joy and my hope. He wants to change you too Joshua.

  11. @Ian…What are these specific protocols you speak of?

  12. I would convert to Mormonism if I would Know the name of the Deity or person that created the First GOD, to him I would bow down and worship him. All other Gods are only demigods, including the God of this world.

  13. I love this question. I don’t think any books or statements or doctrines or philosophies matter at all in knowing God anyway (including whether or not there is a God). That knowledge has to be personal and experiential– just as it does when we know a person. To expect someone to believe in God from reading words or hearing words seem irrational to me, as is condemning someone for not knowing, not believing or believing differently.

    There are three attributes that are key in my mind that must be present to define the nature of God. 1) A perfect, complete and utter ability to let each individual have full free will– otherwise, God is just a game maker playing his own game and we are just play things and slaves (Unfortunately, this also means God can’t smoosh Hitler with His thumb– we have to choose to stop Hitler, and not to be Hitler). 2) A perfect, complete, and utter love for each individual– otherwise His role as father is meaningless and he is alien to us (this entails that when people say “God hates ___” it is them saying it and not God.) 3) The ability to ultimately remove all entropy (including our own ignorance and the damage we cause to each other and the world) from this universe– otherwise we and the universe are doomed by entropy, and an allegedly perfect being messed up by making an imperfect thing.

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