Boyd K. Packer’s Home Ward Talk

Recently a transcript of a talk purported to have been given by Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve in his home ward of Forest Bend has been circulating the Internet via email as well as being posted on various forums. The email starts out like this:

I am not one to forward emails, but my Mom sent me this today and It really hit home.  Elder Packer is in her ward and yesterday asked the bishop if he could speak in place of testimony meeting.  Someone in her ward took notes and emailed his talk to her.  I was amazed at his frankness and inspired to really take a look at our priorities in our family.  We, like so many others, have felt the economic struggle personally.  I was grateful that my mom passed this on, so I figured I would do the same and hopefully someone else will be touched by it as well.  Feel free to pass it on, I think it is truly worthwhile.


You gotta love how people who forward things they shouldn’t always start out with “I usually don’t forward things but…” I’ve already received this email twice, once from my bishop’s wife, and again from our neighborhood emergency preparedness team. Both of them sent it to a hundred or more email addresses. It’s a shame General Conference talks don’t get read and forwarded this much.

FAIR contacted LDS headquarters regarding the talk and received a statement back. I’d recommend checking it out, and people, look into things before you forward them. I bet 99% of the people forwarding this haven’t even tried to verify whether the talk is legit or not. For all they know they could be forwarding false doctrine.


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