Category: Mormon Myths

Mormons have commonly been accused of all sorts of strangeness, some bordering on the hilarious, with others more grounded in reality. We’ll examine some of these urban legends or “myths” here.

  1. Boyd K. Packer’s Home Ward Talk

    Recently a transcript of a talk purported to have been given by Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve in his home ward of Forest Bend has been circulating the Internet via email as well as being posted … Continue reading

  2. Do Mormons believe that God had sex with Mary?

    No. Mormons do not believe any such thing. This is a myth perpetuated by anti-Mormons in order to make the Mormon church look like a bunch of crazy lunatics. We believe that Mary was a virgin before and after she … Continue reading

  3. Do Mormons have horns?

    “No, but we do have pianos and guitars.” is one way Mormons might respond to this question. Or Mormons might say “Yes, just feel my head right here” and invite the questioner to touch some part of their scalp. They … Continue reading

  4. The Book of Mormon condemns polygamy

    Just for the record, Mormons don’t practice polygamy. About 25-30%% of Mormons back around 1880 practiced polygamy. It hasn’t been practiced by Mormons for over 100 years. If you heard something on the news about Mormons practicing polygamy, either the … Continue reading