Why don’t Mormons drink alcohol?

Because we don’t like to have fun, that’s why! But seriously, Mormons don’t drink alcohol because it’s a commandment of God to members of the Mormon church. It all started when Joseph Smith, the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, received a revelation from God that has become known as the Word of Wisdom. In it, members of the church are advised to not drink alcohol, chew tobacco, drink hot drinks (understood to be coffee and tea), eat too much red meat (man, that one’s tough because I could eat steak every day), and to do other things related to physical health.

At first it wasn’t a commandment for the church members, it was “more of a guideline”. But later on it became a commandment and today church members can’t enter LDS temples or fully participate in certain church activities if they’re openly rebelling against it. That’s not to say some church members might not imbibe once in a while and keep it secret, but if they do then they’re going to hell. Just kidding, but if it were found out then they’d get called in by their church leaders who would try to help them stop drinking.


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  2. noup! we don't think you are evil, we don't think that even of mormons who drink, is up to them to follow the commandments, either is up to you, anyway we[at least me and a lot of mormons who diligently follow the commandments] will like you[seriously i like every kind of persons, even hot girls[just I don't like to see them P= but to see their hearts.. because at the end, we must not judge anyone, we don't know what they have been trough to be like they are, we must see their eternal potential to be like God, because we are children of god!]

  3. I've never been looked at as "evil" by my Mormon family/friends for having an occasional drink, so it does seem like more of a personal and cultural choice and they just choose for themselves not to drink. I also know a lot of Christians who do not drink at all, because they know it can lead to drunkenness which the Bible does warn against. Additionally it can be a stumbling block to others who have a problem with addiction, so I understand when people make the choice not to touch the stuff. I am around my husband's special forces Army buddies who get together with the sole purpose OF drinking so it's acceptable within that culture.

    With the fact that Jesus drank wine it cannot be considered a sin though. He was called a drunk (winebibber) and He didn't care. He also turned water into wine at a wedding, which probably made Him pretty popular with the guests!

    FYI my uncle cannot live without his Dr. Peppers and still goes to the temple on a regular basis. Is full adherence to the Word of Wisdom still a requirement to get in? If so he's such a rebel. :)

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