If I drink alcohol do Mormons think I’m evil?

You might be aware that Mormons don’t drink alcohol. If you are, and you’re a drinker yourself, then you might wonder if Mormons think you’re evil, ignorant, misguided, a menace to society, an unfit example for their children, a lowlife, etc. Or maybe a Mormon actually told you in no uncertain terms what they think of you, you heathen, hedonistic, womanizing, beer-drinking scumbag.

The truth is that some Mormons probably do think poorly of anyone who drinks, but if they do, then they’ve got their own problems. Mormons don’t believe anyone else is condemned or hated by God for having a beer, or even for getting roaring drunk and passing out. Mormons simply believe that God has commanded them, as members of the LDS Church, to not drink. The commandment doesn’t apply to people who aren’t members of the LDS Church. That said, hopefully you can understand if some Mormons aren’t clear about this and go about judging people who drink, or if they simply are uncomfortable around alcohol. There are a lot of Mormons who don’t know how to act when somebody around them is drinking, and so they get a bit awkward.

As for myself, I’m fine around people who drink. I would have no problem hanging out in a bar (other than that I wouldn’t want someone to mistakenly think that I’m an imbiber myself). I’ve actually sat at a bar myself with a friend while he had a drink and I had a Sprite. Perhaps that’s not such a great thing in and of itself since somebody could see me there and assume I’m a hypocritical Mormon taking a few swigs, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.


  1. you should not worrie what OTHER people are thinking about you…its Only GOD you need be worried about..and he drank wine ! 😉

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