Prop 8 – Why Are Mormons Being Targeted?

Wow, this Prop 8 thing in California has been quite the hot topic lately, and initially I was surprised at how much attention the LDS Church was getting, given that there were plenty of other faiths involved. But upon further reflection it’s not too surprising. The LDS Church is highly centralized compared to most other religions. Those who know virtually nothing about the LDS Church at least know that the headquarters of the church is in Utah, or that Mormons are generally associated with Utah. Mormon temples and churches are also highly recognizable and generally highly visible. The Los Angeles Temple is a prime example, seeing as how it sits atop a large hill and has distinctive architecture.

The same can’t be said for other religions due to their de-centralized leadership. If you wanted to picket the head of the Baptist religion, where would you go? What about the Methodists, Presbyterians, or evangelicals? I can see the Prop 8 protesters assigned to picket those religions meeting at a parking lot in the morning and then all looking puzzled as they try and figure out where they’re supposed to go, and then finally giving up and saying “But we know where those Mormons are! To the Los Angeles temple!” and then they all go storming off in that direction like villagers with pitchforks running after Frankenstein.

In addition, Mormons were quite active in fundraising for Prop 8. The estimates I’ve heard hover around 40%, which is obviously disproportionate when you understand that Mormons make up only 2% of the population in California.

So in light of those facts, it’s no surprise to me to see that Mormons have been targeted more than other faiths in the backlash against Prop 8.

The fight to pass Prop 8 has been a bright beacon of hope as religions with conflicting doctrines have joined together to promote a common cause. Our opponents have tried to divide us based on our doctrinal differences in order to defeat us, but they failed. But they’ll try again, and if they can succeed in turning us against each other, then eventually they’ll win and we will all lose. But if we can continue to come together on the causes that unite us, we can maintain the society that has provided us with the freedom we currently have to have differences of doctrine and each worship as we please.


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