Updates to MormonDNA.org

Doing some mid-summer cleaning, or updating, around the blog. Things have been busy for me lately and I haven’t had the time to comment or post much here for most of the past year. I just moved my family to Hong Kong, my business is busy, and that about covers it. I can’t guarantee much more in the way of posting, although I hope to get one or two a month added to the site. But I have made some distinct improvements to the site for those of you commenting on it as well as those who would like to stay updated when new content is posted.

Email Updates – First of all, you can now subscribe via email to get updates. Just enter your email address in the field to the right and click “subscribe” and you’ll be all signed up.

Disqus – I’ve implemented a new comment system using Disqus, which I’ve found to be much more user-friendly than anything else I’ve used before. That should help with the discussions going on.

I hope these changes help, and keep the good discussions coming.


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