What is a Morman?

In January 2009 there were 60,500 searches on Google for the word “morman”. But what is a Morman, you ask? Wikipedia says that Morman was a Breton chieftain who was declared King after the death of the Bretons’ Frankish overlord Charlemagne in 814. He is the first personage known by name to be described as a Breton “king” and he probably ruled a warband with members drawn from throughout Brittany. He had a stronghold defended by ditches, hedges, and marshes.

That’s all well and good, but I have a simpler answer. I believe the vast majority of those 60,500 searches are actually searches for “Mormon” and people just happened to spell it incorrectly as “Morman”. In that sense, I will agree with anyone else who believe the Morman Church is a false religion.

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