Why don’t Mormons mention Christ more?

I’ve heard the LDS Church and Mormons generally come under condemnation by some for not mentioning Christ more in lessons, talks, books, etc. One person on this blog told me they were going to visit a Mormon church meeting and count how many times Christ was mentioned by name, skeptical that the number would be very great.

My initial reaction to this was that yes, it would be better if Christ were mentioned more. But then I thought, “Wait, isn’t wanting the name of Christ to be mentioned more in church lessons and talks kind of like criticizing your Algebra 2 teacher for not saying the words ‘Algebra 2′ more in class?”

That is, if the content is what Christ taught and less one to Christ, does the frequency with which Christ’s name is mentioned really matter? And I’m not saying it doesn’t, I’m asking a real question here, not making a statement.


  1. You can't please everyone….every time….darned if you do and darned if you don't. But it is not men we are aiming to please…. after all.

    Usually people say that members of the Church speak TOO MUCH of Christ. I am told that I quote scriptures TOO MUCH and that I have TOO MUCH to say about them. Either way if people don't want to agree with what has been said (even if it is backed by scripture) the only thing left for them to say is that you don't DO ENOUGH of one thing or else you do TOO MUCH of another thing. This is the only way they can detract from commenting while saving face when they can't respond back in kind.

  2. I'm sorry Mormon DNA, comparing Algebra to Jesus Christ?The claim is that the LDS church is Christian, then every talk, every lesson should be centered on Christ. Not just mentioning His name, but His life, His teachings, etc…One can never talk too much of Jesus if they are a true follower.

    The real question is if the "name" of Christ is the same as Jesus the Christ. If as Christians we truly believe He still lives than why not pray through Him and not through his "name". It places our faith a little off. If we are Christians and are His servants than everything we do or say represents HIM not His Name. It has become as if everything is being done through His Name, what is a name anyway?

    The best example of forgiveness is the story of the woman who touched Christ's garment and was healed and forgiven. She didn't go to his apostles for forgiveness in "His Name", but sought out HIM. The standard reply is that He is not on the earth and we have His spokesperson on the earth. I wonder if that attitude would have healed and forgiven the woman in the New Testament?, If we really believe He was resurrected, then He lives and can visit us and heal us. That is what Christianity is about, a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. If He truly lives now, why are we praying through a Name and not through Him?

  3. Good point. I mean – almost everything we do or promote centers around Christ. It's generally those that only hear about us in the media that make this accusation. I think that anyone that actually really cares, and has done the homework would know that we are Christ centered. We just don't need to wear his name out.

  4. It's a shame that the Christ you worship isn't

    the same Christ that Traditional Christians worship.

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