Do Mormons believe they are the only true Christians?

If Mormons believe the LDS Church is the only true church on earth, does that mean they think they are the only true Christians?

Mormons do believe the LDS Church is the only church on earth with the priesthood, or the authority of God, which is necessary for the “legal” administration of ordinances like baptism and the sacrament. But Mormons do not believe that being a follower of Christ means you have to be a Mormon, and for Mormons, the only requirement to be a Christian is to believe in Christ and try to do what he taught. This is why Mormons refer to any religion or church based on following Christ as a Christian religion.

Mormons believe that being a Mormon is no guarantee of salvation, and that not being a Mormon is no guarantee of damnation. We believe there are untold millions of non-Mormons who will be saved in Heaven, and there will probably be a fair number of Mormons who will not be if they don’t live up to the tenets of their religion.


  1. i need the answer of this question why do mormon's believe they are the only true church ?why?"

  2. "We believe there are untold millions of non-Mormons who will be saved in Heaven"

    To clarify "saved," you mean lower levels of heaven right? Because Mormons do not believe that any non-Mormons will get to live with God in the highest level of heaven. Only Mormons/people who accept Mormonism get to live with God in heaven according to Mormon doctrine.

  3. Hi,everyone! Grace and peace to all in the Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! This is my first time on this site,so bear with me,please. I guess what baffles me the most about what's going on is that my Mormon friends don't seem to think that,as the Scriptures teach us,we are to…"Examine everything carefully;hold fast to that which is good"…(1st Thessalonians 5:21).Mormonism makes a great many claims about itself that Christians find perplexing if not downright unbelieveable from a Biblical perspective,perspectives we held to long before Joseph Smith came along,perspectives taught us in the Word of God,a Word we believe has and does taught/teach Almighty God's truth from Genesis to Revelation.If ,as stated in this particular post,you don't believe Mormons are the only true Christians on earth,that non-Mormon Christians are as well,what exactly is all the fuss about? Our Saviour Jesus Christ said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church,but according to Mormonism that's exactly what happened until Joseph Smith came along! So,who should I believe,God or man? And again,If ,according to this post,as a non-Mormon Christian saved according to my Saviour's own words,the recepient of blessed eternal life given freely as His gift(Romans 6:23b);if indeed…"There is salvation in no one else;for there is no other Name given among men by which we must be saved(Acts 4:12;NASB),what exactly is the point of Mornomism,or any other-"ism" for that matter? I don't presume to speak for Mormons, but let me ask you: Are these verses true or not? Is Jesus Christ our Saviour,or not? Do you honestly believe Amighty God allowed untold billions of souls to descend into darkness from the 1st century until 1830? Seriously? And according to Mr. Stiemle,no one has to test or try this stupendous claim,simply take Smith's word for it? Why not believe Charles Taze Russell,founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses,who made claims roughly similar to your own? Come on,people!!

  4. HWhat Do Mormons Believe About Jesus?

    Mormonism, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a religion for sure but there are a lot of false religions in the world. Mormons believe in Jesus but what exactly do they believe about Him and His origins? They believe that Jesus is the brother of Satan and are these two are sons of God and are spirit brothers. They believe that Jesus was created and they believe that like all humans, they were spirit before being born into the flesh. Both Jesus and Satan were given free will to choose to be evil or good and that the earthly life was a testing ground to see if they would qualify to be God or not. It is like a probation period and if they pass, they become gods. They acquire divinity by the works that they do while on earth.

    At death, all one can hope for is that they did enough good works to make it to become a god and so Jesus is thought to have done enough good works and lived a perfect enough of a life to become a god. Obviously, Satan failed this test, or at least so they teach. Mormons teach that spiritual good works are the only way to overcome spiritual death and this is accomplished by keeping the commandments, receiving a proper baptism only through a Mormon priest, having a strong enough faith, and in genuine repentance. They must also have the Mormon Temple obligations fulfilled properly. Apparently Jesus must have passed this test according to the Mormons and His baptism must have, I suppose, came through a priestly-sort of John the Baptist, who was not a Mormon that I am aware of.

    After the birth of Jesus and Satan, God offered a plan of salvation for human beings and Satan offered his own plan but it was rejected. God accepted Jesus’ idea as being a Savior and so Jesus’ spirit was sent to Mary who, through a virgin birth, gave birth to Jesus. The Mormons believe that if anyone can live a righteous life like Jesus did, then they will receive eternal life and become a god. They believe that Jesus was a spirit-brother of Lucifer and therefore was a creation of God and not God from all eternity past (Gospel Through the Ages, p. 15).

  5. Mormonism like Catholicism is a cult! Share the Gospel and the Biblical Jesus to them.
    I once had religion but not relationship or peace with God until God showed me I was a sinner, repented and received Jesus sacrifice on the cross for my healing in my spirit, soul and body –was born again. Now Ilive4Him:-) :-) :-) :-) Hallejuliah.

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