Are Mormons Protestants?

Nope. Mormonism is not part of either Protestantism or Catholicism. We actually see Mormonism as being identical to the original church Christ established while on earth, with prophets and apostles, revelation, priesthood authority, temples, etc. We believe that after Christ, all the apostles were killed off, the priesthood authority was lost, and the church ceased to exist. Many gospel truths were preserved, and people tried to live the gospel, but they lacked authority to administer baptism or other ordinances, and they didn’t have direct communication with God.

We believe it was necessary for there to be a “restoration” of the true church, which could only be accomplished by messengers from God restoring the priesthood authority, since nobody on earth had it and there are certain required methods for granting it.

In other words, we see all Christian religions as being outgrowths of Mormonism, which is the true and original Christian church.


  1. Mormons may be looked upon as protestans also, because in a way, this church stands in opposition to the old catholic roman church. From this point for me, it is a protest i.e. a protestant church, but it is also something different then the rest of the protestant churches, because of its sophisticated theology, which is not comparable so much with the rest of the protestant churches.

    Every church though seems to have its own specific problems. The problem with the Mormons is that people think often of old men marrying several young underage girls. How they are going to solve this i don't know.

  2. Christ said that the gates of hell will never prevail. So if everything was lost, does that not make Christ a liar.

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