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Are Mormons Christians or are they a cult? Do Mormons believe in the same Christ I do? What do Mormons believe about the Trinity?

  1. Why don’t Mormons mention Christ more?

    I’ve heard the LDS Church and Mormons generally come under condemnation by some for not mentioning Christ more in lessons, talks, books, etc. One person on this blog told me they were going to visit a Mormon church meeting and … Continue reading

  2. Mormons and Isaiah 44:6

    As asked in the “Ask Me Questions” portion of this website: Q: How do Mormons explain Isaiah 44:6? This verse says that God does not even know of another god. Now if Mormons believe that God the Father is married … Continue reading

  3. Do Mormons Believe Their Church Mirrors The Ancient Church of Christ?

    This post is in response to comments left by two website visitors in another post. And as stated by one visitor “there is nothing to support the early-Christ church myth of Mormonism or leadership keys of Roman-Catholic tradition. Jesus did … Continue reading

  4. Is Mormonism a Cult?

    A lot of people say that Mormons belong to a cult. Is that true? First, it depends on what your definition of a cult is. Here are a few definitions culled from the web. If you have others feel free … Continue reading

  5. Why do Mormons care whether people think they’re Christians or not?

    I’ve asked myself this question a lot. Do I really care whether someone thinks I’m a Christian or not? After all, there is no objective definition of what a Christian is. When somebody says I’m not a Christian all they’re … Continue reading

  6. Do Mormons believe they are the only true Christians?

    If Mormons believe the LDS Church is the only true church on earth, does that mean they think they are the only true Christians? Mormons do believe the LDS Church is the only church on earth with the priesthood, or … Continue reading

  7. Are Mormons Protestants?

    Nope. Mormonism is not part of either Protestantism or Catholicism. We actually see Mormonism as being identical to the original church Christ established while on earth, with prophets and apostles, revelation, priesthood authority, temples, etc. We believe that after Christ, … Continue reading

  8. Are Mormons Christians?

    Depends who you ask. Mormons believe they are Christians because their definition of “Christian” is “somebody who believes in Jesus Christ and tries to follow Christ’s teachings.” Other people have different definitions of what the word “Christian” means and therefore … Continue reading