DNA evidence proves the Book of Mormon is false

Well, not so quick Sparky. I’ve watched the DNA vs. the Book of Mormon video on YouTube and the “science” contained in it wouldn’t stand up to the most superficial scrutiny of any self-respecting scientist. Heck, I’m not a scientist, and I’m lacking in self-respect, and it didn’t even stand up to my superficial scrutiny. Here’s the logic of the critics in a nutshell and how it falls apart.

Critical claim: Mormons claim that all or most native Americans are descendants of the people in the Book of Mormon. The people in the BofM came from Jerusalem. The DNA of modern-day inhabitants of Jerusalem doesn’t match modern-day descendants of native Americans, therefore the BofM is false and Mormons are a bunch of liars.

There’s quite a few scientific problems with this premise.

1. The LDS Church doesn’t claim that all or most native Americans are descendants of the people described in the BofM. It is true that the BofM used to say that the BofM people were the “principal” ancestors of the “American Indians” but the word “principal” was recently removed. As for why the word “principal” was included in the first place, it was the widely held opinion in the LDS Church that this was fact, but it was never a point of doctrine or something Mormons rested all their other beliefs on. It’s the type of thing that, once new evidence came along, was quickly dropped and Mormons said “Oh, you mean that perhaps 99% of the native Americans around today aren’t direct descendants of the BofM people? Oh, ok, that’s different than what I thought, but no biggie.”
2. The LDS Church has never claimed that there weren’t any other people who came to the Americas other than those described in the BofM.

3. What’s the chance of finding a DNA sample from a living person that can be verified as being the same as DNA from someone who lived in Jerusalem 2,600 years ago?

4. How do know that the DNA of everybody who lived in Jersusalem 2,600 was the same?

5. How pure is the DNA from someone in Central America today? How do we know we’ve got someone who would have the DNA of a Nephite, rather than some other native American group?

Critics who use DNA as evidence of the falseness of the BofM are making some wild assumptions regarding the science behind this DNA testing.

Ok, so that’s a bit of a big nutshell, but if you want a lot of details, check out the LDS Church’s official news release on DNA and the Book of Mormon, and Jeff Lindsay’s take.


  1. Has anyone ever taken into consideration that when God changed the skin-color of the Lamanites that he could have changed their DNA also. They did become a distinct people from the Nephites, and, they wiped out the "Nephites" in the end.

  2. The only people twisting things here are the people quoting DNA researchers and that word, should be in air quotes. Mitochondrial DNA is not an exact science and the people who said it was, retracted their OWN statement one year later, in the New England Journal of Medicine. But discounting that bit of truth of course, Native American Indians aren’t going to be related to modern Jews through DNA! Because modern Jews are descended from Judah!!! The Book of Mormon claims Lehi was descended from Joseph. In order for these two groups to share mitochondrial DNA, Judah’s wife(s) would have to have slept with Joseph or Judah would have had the slept with Joseph’s wife(s). Because Joseph AND Judah had different mothers and THOSE mothers had different mothers!!!! DUH! There is no way in creation these women could share the same mitochondrial DNA! Any “study” showing NO mtDNA link between these two groups of people , actually supports the claim of the Book of Mormon. It doesn’t discount a single thing it actually supports it to show that they aren’t mtDNA related at all because they can’t be. Anybody stupid enough to try to link modern American Indians to modern Jews via mtDNA, is astronomically unintelligent.

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