Where’s the archeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon?

Q: Every turn of a shovel in the Middle East brings up support for the Bible. Where is all of that archeolgical support for the BOM?

A: There’s quite a bit of archaeological evidence in Central America that supports the BofM. I could refer you some books on the matter if you’re interested.

Q: The Latest I heard is that an honest Mormon has to admit that there isn’t an ounce of evidence to support the BOM. That was coming out of FARMS.


As of yet I haven’t followed up with my friend on this topic, but here’s an excellent write-up Archaeology and the Book of Mormon for those who are interested. Jeff Lindsay’s answer to the question Why is there lots of archaeological evidence for the Bible but little for the Book of Mormon? is also great.

In addition, about 15-16 years ago I toured parts of Guatemala and Mexico. While at one of the museums we learned about the different major groups that had populated the Central American region during various time periods. Each of these groups had been identified and labeled, but one group had been relatively small and hadn’t left much of a trace, perhaps because they had been overrun by one of the other groups. The time period this mystery group lived in was from roughly 600 B.C. to 300 A.D., which just happens to correspond with the time period of the Nephites in the Book of Mormon.

There were numerous other bits of information that came to light during that trip which, if not in direct support of the Book of Mormon, at least had the potential to support it. More than once as me and my family would listen to someone who didn’t know anything about Mormons talk about some aspect of ancient society in that area something would be mentioned and me and my family members would look at each other with raised eyebrows because of how what was being said related to something in the Book of Mormon.

I wish I could elaborate further but I was a 17-year old punk kid at the time and wasn’t taking notes.

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