Archaeological Evidence for the Book of Mormon

While Mormons base their belief in the Book of Mormon on direct communication with God regarding the matter, it’s still fun to see archaeological evidence that supports the Book of Mormon, and a lack of such evidence is commonly used by anti-Mormons as proof that the Book of Mormon is false, and that Mormons are sneaky monkeys who shouldn’t be hired for your next archaeological expedition.

Here are a few links to various webpages containing information regarding archeology and the Book of Mormon:

Mike Sageloff’s photo pages one, two, and three.

Jeff Lindsay’s Book of Mormon evidences page.

FAIR’s extensive list of links on Book of Mormon archeology.

Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum

Archaeology, Relics, and Book of Mormon Belief

Even a light perusal of the above links will make any reasonable person wonder how somebody could make the claim “It can be stated definitely that there is no connection between the archeology of the New World and the subject matter of the Book of Mormon.” Although that quote was from someone in 1952 (when Meso-American archeology was in its infancy), so I guess you can excuse them. What is inexcusable is that somebody would quote somebody from that era as evidence of the alleged non-existence of archaeological evidence in our day, almost 60 years later.


  1. No people like me who are critical of the teachings of the LDS church do not think Mormons are sneaky monkees, but rather they are nice well meaning people who we believe are going down the wrong path and are not following the true Jesus of the Bible.

    We tell them this because we care about them and we don't want them to be accursed as the Bibles says people who follow another gospel will be if they don't turn from their beliefs.

    Interesting that part of my ancestry is Native American and my uncle had a DNA test done on himself and there was nothing in the test to show that he had any relation to the Hebrews or anyone else from the Middle East.

    But according to the LDS church our Native American ancestors are descendants of the ancient Hebrews so why didn't this show up in my uncle's DNA test?

    • Are those ancestors of your uncle’s part of the Algonquin group? If so, have him get tested more recently. They have discovered that the skeletons of the Hopewell civilization (ancestors of the Algonquins: Wyandot, Shawnee, Delaware…) found in burial mounds do match the majority of Israeli people in the discovery of the haplagroup X. Other native Americans originated in other areas, such as Asia.

  2. Funny, you would think that with a name like MormonDNA, this website would have at least one post dedicated to the matter. I swear I did, but maybe I've just talked about it in comments on some other post and so I just think I did. Well, I suppose there's no time like the present, so here you go, Does DNA Evidence Disprove the Book of Mormon?

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