Why don’t Mormon missionaries tell people to pray about the Bible?

From Mormon Objections Answered:

Why do you never hear a Mormon say, “Pray about the Bible to see if it is true.”? This has always puzzled me. God’s Word does not need verification. It simply is true. But the Book of Mormon, on the other hand, must be prayed about (so they say).

The primary purpose of Mormon missionaries is to bring people unto Christ through the doorway of baptism. If missionaries went out saying “Will you pray about the Bible and if God tells you it is true, will you be baptized into the LDS Church?” how many people would get baptized? Not too many. If the Bible is true, that doesn’t mean the LDS Church is true. Lots of churches use the Bible, so knowing the Bible is true doesn’t help you when it comes to selecting a church. But there’s only one church with the Book of Mormon, so if someone can find out the Book of Mormon is true, then they can know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the LDS Church is the true church of God upon the earth. That is why Mormon missionaries ask people to pray about the Book of Mormon and not the Bible.

However, Mormons are encouraged to pray about anything they want to know or anything they have questions about, including the Bible, if need be.

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