Why are Mormons so secretive about what goes on in their temples?

Some religions call their normal meetinghouses “temples”. For Mormons, temples are quite different than the church buildings we meet in each Sunday. At the church we have Sunday School, learn about the gospel, have opportunities to serve in various “callings” (like being the librarian or a Sunday School teacher), and most importantly, take the sacrament¬† (bread and water representing the body and blood of Christ) in order to renew the promises we make when we’re baptized.

Just as baptism is an ordinance by which a person becomes a member of the LDS Church, receives forgiveness of his sins, and pledges to live a Christ-like life, there are other ordinances performed in the temple, and only in the temple. They are called washing and anointing, the endowment, and temple marriage, also known as eternal marriage or “sealing”, that is you and your spouse are “sealed” together for eternity. As far as I know, the LDS Church is the only church that claims that our marriages last beyond death, and that families can be together forever, but that’s another topic.

In addition, we perform ordinances for the dead. No, we don’t dig up dead people and baptize their bodies. Live people, members of the LDS Church who are worthy, are baptized in place of the dead. For some reason I don’t completely understand, ordinances like baptism and eternal marriage can’t be performed outside of a temporal existence like we live in on earth. They have to be done here. But what about our relatives and ancestors, loved ones, who never had a chance to know the gospel of Jesus Christ? Some religions say they go straight to hell, because the Bible says you have to be baptized or you’re damned. We believe that’s true, but that if you didn’t have a chance to learn about the gospel here, you can learn about it after you die, and you also have the opportunity to accept baptism (done here on earth, by someone else on your behalf). This only seems fair, since most of the people who have ever lived on this earth never even heard the name Jesus Christ, let alone had the chance to learn more.

For us, the ability to perform ordinances on behalf of our loved ones who have passed on is evidence of the fairness and love of God, that he provides means by which all his children can be saved. The only other way would be for him to force everyone to be baptized, or to have angels flying around to make sure every single person had a chance to learn about the gospel, and of course that wouldn’t really be a choice and therefore not much different than outright force, and we believe God will force no man to heaven.

So what’s secret about the temples? What have I left out? Nothing but the details which, frankly, are not that interesting. If you knew everything in exact detail, you’d say “What, that’s it?” So why don’t we talk about the details of what goes on in the temple? It’s not so much about keeping secrets, but everything to do with keeping things sacred. First of all, we don’t want to expose something that is so special and sacred to us to public ridicule. Second, I’ve found in my own life that when you take something out of the temple into the world, you tend to bring things from the world into the temple. For example, in the endowment ceremony we watch a film about the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, etc. Since we go to the temple frequently, most Mormons have much of this film memorized. Well, I’m the kind of guy who likes to quote things in ordinary conversation, and once or twice I’ve found myself in a humorous situation and a line from the temple movie has popped into my head and before I could catch myself I said it. Now, as far as I know there’s not much in the temple movie that we’re not supposed to share outside the temple–most of it is in the Bible or other scriptures, but the thing is that the next time I went to the temple and watched the movie, when the movie got to that part I had quoted outside the temple, I suddenly found myself thinking of the humorous situation, rather than about what I was doing in the temple.

Now, there are parts of the temple ceremonies that we are ordered to keep secret. Again, it’s not that they’re scandalous, or even interesting (seriously, you would be quite unimpressed), but they are special, sacred, and I suppose God has his own reasons I don’t even know about for wanting us to keep them secret.

Oh, one other thing–not all Mormons can go to the temple. Not only do you have to be a Mormon, but you have to be worthy and of appropriate age. Worthiness is determined through interviews with church leaders and through compliance with certain commandments, such as the law of tithing.

As for people who say “God and Jesus didn’t keep any secrets!” well come now, sure they did. The Bible is full of references to things we’ve never been told about, and examples of reserved access. Not everyone had access to the temple the children of Israel carried in the wilderness. And what was it that was written on the stone tablets Moses broke? Why were only certain people allowed to carry the Ark of the Covenant? Why does God say only married people should engage in sexual relations? If you look through the Bible you’ll find hundreds of instances of such things, so there’s certainly ample precedent.


  1. the temple is not a christian situation. no other christain church has it. the ceremonies are basicly the same as the massons.they probaly don't want anyone to make the conection. none of the temple cerimonies are of the bible. baptising for dead people. come on now. presthood power trip, kinda childish. education would probably work. it is belittling to a doctor to pray that his work is good, or anyone else, a nascar machanic left off a bolt it is alittle late to pray that no accedent happens. his schooling and expirence means nothing??? there is nothing that the mormons do that any other religion does. all religions are cults the mormons are among the worse in their contol of others.

  2. The salt lake city temple is the oldest still standing building in america. on the historical registry built in 1610 by the mexicans as the northern territorial capital building with rock that is only found in the mexico city area, the same stone was used in the denver colorado mormon temple which has a simular appearence and the same stone from mexico city. information from ray mahoney byu anthropoligist. Richard Packham also has information on this and has a very good website. Knowing this puts every thing the mormon do or say in the dump.

    • John Cunningham, Why do you say the Salt Lake Temple is the oldest still standing building in America? It was not built in 1610. The Mormons didn’t go to Utah until after 1830. They didn’t even exist until 1830, so how was the temple built in 1610?

  3. First, anyone who knows anything knows there are similarities between the Masons rituals and those in the LDS temples. It's all over the Internet. But there's no big mystery there. The Masons got the rituals from the temple of Solomon, and Solomon got the rituals from God, same place Joseph Smith did. No biggie.

    As for temple ordinances not being in the Bible, there's a lot of stuff not in the Bible. Most of what Jesus did and said isn't in the Bible–so says the Bible.

    As for that second comment, I have no idea what you're saying or what your point is…oh wait, are you saying Mexicans built the Salt Lake City temple in 1610? Ha, that would be one I haven't heard before!

  4. I just want to know why I can't attend a ceremonys like a wedding, baptism? As a Catholic these ceremonys of life and we want everyone to be a part of it; Catholic or not. Don't you all feel the same. Oh here is another. How can you biptise somone that is dead? That is not up to you if they go to heaven or not. I would like the answers to my questions. Please do not give the speech that you always give for the baptiosms.



  5. The following passages say it all. Jesus is the only temple that we need to go through. Modern day, or latter day temples if you will, are not needed.

    John 2:19

    19 Jesus answered and said to them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

    John 14:6

    6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    This is how we go through the only true latter day temple that was destroyed on the cross and raised up on the third day.

    Romans 10:9

    9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved

  6. Amen

  7. Many Mormons hold temple recommends because they have money & power. Some not only should not be allowed in the temples but should be locked behind bars! The women in the culture of Mormonism are the most insecure, jealous, envious & conniving. Only pleasant when in the presence of other women that are just like them; white! If you are black, Mexican or Asian you are gross & they feel that you are going to corrupt their families with your cursed skin color. What a sad state when seeking comfort trumps over finding out the truth.

    • You are so on point. That church is a cult. They love themselves & aim to have their own planet & be God. The Catholic Church & the LDS church are very financially lucrative but with the tidings they rather build elaborate buildings that will show the world how they are the chosen church. When they are far from it. A church that feeds their real estate over their fellow man is not a church but a corporation. It's a business operating under the license of God!

      • Actually, Marybeth, the Catholic Church is the biggest charitable organization in the world. As for building very beautiful Churches, who wouldn’t want to build a Church or dwelling place of God that is beautiful. Read Exodus and the elaborate plan that God provided the Israelites for building the Tent (Temple) All the use of gold and precious stones. God deserves the best.

    • If "truth in titling" werew to be enforced, you'd have to change your name. Nothing about your post, impugning motives and conduct of Latter-Day Saints (we have had our scoundrels and we deal with them as we can…), but especially demeaning our LDS sisters, and finally attributing racism as motives. I'd sure you'd like to discuss this with one Mia Love, Mayor of Saratoga Springs, UT, and congressional candidate for the 4th district in Utah in 2012?
      If you want to reveal yourself as bigoted and ignorant, please by all means, but don't drag our Savior into it.

  8. I think all religions are cults. Mormons wear “temple garments” which are one piece white polyester
    underdrawers . Imagine a man’s tee shirt sewn onto a pair of boxer shorts. for the women its a slip
    top sewn onto a pair of drawers. This unusual underwear , being worn by the devout, is another habit or
    practice that melds the cult together. Women can’t wear sundresses and revealing clothes because their
    underdrawers will show. There is a business called Amway that is also classified as a cult. There are
    people who are the leaders, the bosses, the administration, (whatever you want to call it) who have a lot of
    money because it is a ponzi scheme. There are the followers who sell items from a catalog. The peons have
    to pay to get into Amway and everything they sell has a kickback to the big wheels. Just like the mormon
    church. I have a friend, a good guy who was a mormon all his life but he can’t go to church now because it
    takes everything he makes to live and he can’t tithe as directed. So he just doesn’t go to church. That doesn’t
    sound much like “love” to me. Brad

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