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Is there any archaeology that proves the Book of Mormon to be true? Nothing we’ve discovered yet. Is there any archaeology that proves the Book of Mormon to be false? Same answer. But there’s plenty of evidence supporting both questions. This is where I try to gather it all together. But bear in mind nobody is advocating that anybody join the LDS Church due to archaeological evidence. Archaeology is fun, but it’s a work in process. When Christ comes again there will still be tens of thousands of ancient ruins in Mexico and Guatemala that have never been excavated, so if you want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, I’d recommend asking God right now, rather than waiting for some piece of evidence to be dug up, because you might end up waiting too long.

  1. Does the discovery of metal plates in the Middle East prove the Book of Mormon is true?

    In 1952 LDS scholar Hugh Nibley made the statement “it will not be long before men forget that in Joseph Smith’s day the prophet was mocked and derided for his description of the plates more than anything else.” You see, … Continue reading

  2. Smithsonian Institute Statement Regarding the Book of Mormon

    As stated at Some Latter-day Saints, in their zeal to give tangible authenticity to the Book of Mormon, have told prospective converts that the Smithsonian Institution has used the Book of Mormon to verify sites in the New World. … Continue reading

  3. Egyptians, Horses, and Rocks in Hats

    Question: Joshua, I would appreciate the name of just one secular encyclopediaa and page which provides supporting information that: 1. “Reformed Egyptian” was really an ancient language. 2. “Domesticated” horses existed in the America’s prior to Columbus. 3. That ancient … Continue reading