Hebrew DNA Found in South America?

Anti-Mormons are generally more interested in the matter of Hebrew DNA (or lack thereof) in the America’s than Mormons are, since anti-Mormons rely on it as evidence of the falsity of the Book of Mormon and LDS faith whereas most Mormons don’t rely on it in the slightest to prove their religion. So might the recent discovery of Hebrew DNA markers in living populations of native Americans reverse things? Probably not. There may be a few Mormons who get excited and blow this discovery out of proportion, and there may be a few anti-Mormons who start getting worried that this is just the beginning and lessen their use of DNA evidence in talking about the LDS church veracity, but by and large I predict nothing substantive will change. The same method that is used by 99% of Mormons for determining whether the LDS faith is true or not–asking God directly–will continue to be the preferred method, and anti-Mormons will use whatever methods work to accomplish their ends, regardless of an evidence that undermines their claims.


  1. Hmmmm…….and who is the source of this recent discovery of Hebrew DNA in South America?

    A quick Google from the information in the above link shows us that the research has been put forward by 'Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.' Where might this organisation with such ground breaking, faith promoting research be based? Yep, as suspected, they're based in Salt Lake City lol.

    So the search continues, can anyone find a non-mormon scientist in any field, that supports any Book of Mormon archeology, or any claim that Native Americans can be tracd back to the Holy Land, either through DNA or through Native American customs?

  2. From Salt Lake City is your rebuttal? Keep in mind, this is where the allegations began! If you think Salt Lake City is an advocate for Mormonism, then you probably haven't lived there, no offense.

  3. Hebrew DNA found in South America?

    Was Hebrew DNA recently found in American Indian populations in South America? According to Scott R. Woodward, executive director of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, a DNA marker, called the "Cohen modal haplotype," sometimes associated with Hebrew people, has been found in Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia.

    Woodward says that most likely, when higher-resolution tests are used, we will learn that the Hebrew DNA in native populations can be traced to conquistadors whose ancestors intermarried with Jewish people in Spain or even more modern migrations.

    In other words, this is a lot of excitement over nothing.

  4. Hebrew DNA found in South America?

    Scholars have argued for more than 50 years that the book allows for the migrations meeting an existing population.

    This completely undermines the critics' conclusions.


    No where in the Book of Mormon is there any mention of the migrations meeting an existing population.

  5. Hebrew DNA found in South America?

    According to Woodward, even if you assume we knew what DNA to look for, finding DNA evidence of Book of Mormon people may be very difficult. When a small group of people intermarry into a large population, the DNA markers that might identify their descendants could entirely disappear — even though their genealogical descendants could number in the millions.

    Recently scientists have determined that Caucasians and Orientals, but not Negroes have some DNA markers from Neanderthals. If any Semites came to the New World before the time of Columbus, American Indians will have some DNA markers from them.

  6. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thnigs like that?

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