Is Man-God doctrine more illogical than a God without beginning?

I was just reading a logical proof that Mormonism is false and it seems to go like this: Mormons believe that God was once a man, and that man can become like God, spawn more men, who can also become Gods, or in other words, Mormons believe in an infinite regression of men becoming Gods. The author claims “If something does contain a logical impossibility, then it cannot be true.” Indeed, the idea of an infinite regression of God > Man > God does seem illogical, or at least it would give you a big fat error if you tried to express it in an Excel spreadsheet. However, this same page then says that the truth is that “Logic necessitates that there must be a single being who is without beginning and upon which time has no meaning or affect who is the single uncaused cause.” Isn’t that saying that there is a being that has existed since infinity with no beginning, and isn’t that just as illogical as infinite regression and so by the same logic wouldn’t we say that this must also be false? This would seem to be the argument atheists throw around, saying that even if God is in charge of the evolutionary process there still must have been some evolution that led to God in the first place because logically he couldn’t have existed forever.

I suspect most Christians would respond to the atheists by saying “I don’t know how it works, I just know that this is the case.” And I suppose that’s the same answer Mormons could give for our belief in an infinite regression of God > Man > God. Although I’m not even sure that’s what we believe. I don’t think Mormons claim to know if there’s an infinite or finite regression of God > Man > God.

Mormons are actually more illogical than either evangelicals or this CARM guy gives us credit for, because we not only believe in the possibility of infinite regression, but we also believe that everything has always existed without any beginning, just like the evangelicals believe about God. So we’re doubly messed up as far as the atheists are concerned.

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