The Purpose of This Website

The purpose of this blog is not to prove to anyone that the Book of Mormon is true, or that the LDS Church is God’s official church. However, it is one of the objectives of this blog to prove that nobody can prove that the Book of Mormon is not true, or that the LDS Church is not what we Mormons claim it to be. My intent is to help people keep an open mind, so that they can prove to themselves what is true.

My hope is that if you are looking for the truth with an open heart and mind but perhaps you’ve heard things about the LDS Church, Joseph Smith, or the Book of Mormon that you find confusing, strange, or repulsive, that you may find something here that is helpful. If you are a critic, then my hope is that you may find something here that softens your heart and helps you open your mind to the point where you become an open-minded truth-seeker. I’m convinced that if we are all honest with ourselves, open-minded, and seeking after truth, we’ll end up in the right place.

About the Admin

Hi, my name is Joshua Steimle and I’m a Mormon. That is, I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I grew up in Arcadia, California, which is near Los Angeles, and have been a member of this church my entire life. I’ve done most of the typical things Mormons do, like going to church every Sunday, studying scriptures with my family, going on a two-year mission to Brazil when I was 19, going to college at Brigham Young University, and getting married and having kids. I’ve also not done most of the things Mormons don’t do, like drinking, smoking, drugs, and dancing. Ok, most Mormon don’t have anything against dancing, but I do.

I’m an entrepreneur managing a search engine optimization firm, and other than hanging out with my wife and two kids I’m a voracious reader of fiction, non-fiction, and news, I’m interested in politics, I skateboard, I’m a lapsed artist, and I like writing. I currently reside in Hong Kong.

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