1. How Could The Church Not Know?

    A commenter on this site asked how is it that the LDS Church, which has a well-regarded habit of detailing its every move and decision, not know how the policy about Blacks not being able to hold the Priesthood was … Continue reading

  2. Why Faith?

    As I read in 1 Nephi 17 this morning I’m struck by how dumb the children of Israel who were led by Moses through the wilderness appear to be. As Nephi says in verse 30: And notwithstanding they being led, … Continue reading

  3. Words Are Not Convincing

    In my studies yesterday I came across this scripture which seems applicable to discussions I’ve had with anti-Mormons, as well as honest truth-seekers. These are the words of Lehi as he speaks to his rebellious sons Laman and Lemuel: For … Continue reading

  4. If It’s Temporary, Does It Matter?

    If something is temporary does it matter? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and it has been on my mind a bit more the past 24 hours as my brother in law lies in a hospital bed in … Continue reading

  5. There Is No Perfect Translation Of The Book Of Mormon

    This is not in response to those who seek to invalidate the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith as a prophet by attempting to show that the Book of Mormon was not a perfect translation and therefore Joseph Smith was … Continue reading

  6. Making Missionary Work Easy

    I recently read The Power Of Everyday Missionaries by Harvard Business School professor and bestselling author Clayton Christensen. Up until this point, I was not a very good missionary in terms of talking to my neighbors and friends about the … Continue reading

  7. God, The Only Exception To Libertarian Principles?

    A few years ago I was introduced to libertarianism. I had always shied away from libertarians because I associated them with hippies, a lack of bathing, marijuana, beards, and other bad things. Not that I gave libertarians much thought at … Continue reading

  8. LDS Relief Society Trivia

    This past week I had the privilege of preparing a lesson to be taught in the elders quorum of the branch I attend with my family here in Hong Kong. I did not have the privilege of teaching the lesson … Continue reading

  9. Do Mormons Believe Prophets Are Perfect?

    There are some who, in an attempt to tear down the LDS Church, point to the shortcomings and faults of those who manage the Church, particularly the prophets and apostles. Their reasoning seems to be that the true church of … Continue reading

  10. Do Mormons believe in second chances?

    Because Mormons practice posthumous baptism for those who have passed on to the next life, more commonly known as baptisms for the dead, some people take this as evidence that Mormons believe in second chances and that it doesn’t really … Continue reading